What Is A Marketing Coach?

Do you have a Marketing Coach? I’m not talking about your personal coach at your local gym. I’m talking about a coach similar to athletic coaches. There are all kinds of coaches out there: relationship coaches, executive coaches, business coaches, management coaches, career coaches, business opportunity coaches, and among a host of others. And then there is the marketing coach, like me.

I am a big believer in coaches and being coached. I make my living coaching.  And that’s why I’m writing this article because the truth is there are so many people out there claiming to be coaches when they’re really not, that they’re destroying a great profession.

Unfortunately, most of the coaching programs I see aren’t really coaching programs at all. They’re more like cheerleading programs. And most of the coaches are more cheerleader than a coach. There is no real certification program for coaches although two main groups who claim to do this.

Coaching has become a “dumping ground” for anyone who wants to get paid to give advice. Maybe they want to be attorneys or counselors or psychotherapists, without having to get a license. Maybe they just don’t want to be called consultants. But just because they call themselves coaches, doesn’t make it so. Be sure to ask about the results the coach’s clients are getting the coaching.

Too many of these so-called marketing coaches and their marketing coaching programs consist of a series of sessions where the coach asks the client, “Well, what do you want to accomplish?” The client answers and the coach basically wind up saying, “Well this week, go out there and get it done.”Of course, they ask more than that and say more than that. I mean there are more words, but when you boil it all down, that’s what you get. It is not strategic and a logical path with building blocks to ensure your success.

What is a marketing coach?

A marketing coach is both your best friend and your worst nightmare. Your best friend because he or she tells and shows you exactly what you must do to achieve your goals. Your worst nightmare because, once shown, your coach makes you work, practice, more practice, build skill and actually do!  Just like an athletic coach does.  It is all about winning the game of market share and increasing sales the easiest, most cost-effective way there is…What is the difference between a Marketing Coach and a Consultant? Find out here.

Good coaches don’t make it up as they go along. Good marketing coaches have a program, systems, content, disciplines, exercises, drills. Good marketing coaches make you work, critique your efforts, make you work some more, make you do it over until you do it right.

Good marketing coaches are prescriptive and specific. I am a firm believer in doing it right the first time then you don’t have to continue to work at it.  Not that you get it right the first time.  On the contrary, focus and do it and have it critiqued and re-do until you and your target audience are happy with it then use it, test and revise as necessary.  Then move on to the next task at hand.

Fortunately, there are good marketing coaches – very good ones – out there. I’m one of them. How do you know? Because I guarantee results to the tune of at least 400% of what you pay me or your money back. I have learned that if a vendor will not guarantee results I will not do business with them because there is a high likelihood I will not get the results I want.

In the business world, I would say that is one of the measures of a good marketing coach. Is he or she willing and able to guarantee results?