How to Find a Good Salesperson for Your Business

When you’ve worked for years in your business allowing it to become vibrant and healthy while increasing your revenue, you’re going to inevitably be faced with a common crucial decision; your first big hire. To maintain this path of success you will have to hire responsible and driven new blood to expand that which you have worked so hard to attain.

Many small businesses fail within those formative first five years. The failure comes not due to poor ideas, or products but because of their failure to market and sell their bright ideas, and valuable services and products.

So how do you avoid the potential of a very plausible setback when you take the plunge out of the sales seat and into a manager’s seat while entrusting someone else to the job of sales. There’s a big risk when you begin to branch into the next phase of your growing company. This risk calls for your bravery and the ability to let go. Of course, you don’t do this flippantly; you must first prepare by doing your homework.

How do you hire a promising Sales person to take your place, one who cares as much about the success of the business as you do? By hiring an inept sales person at this delicate stage in the game, you risk putting your business reputation on the line at best and losing profit, and ultimately your business at an extreme worst.

Be aware in everyday life
One sensical place to start in finding a good, well-rounded and committed sales person is – yourself! What do YOU expect and appreciate when doing shopping for the difficult purchases you make. We all know what we don’t appreciate when we’ve had bad experiences in say, buying a car, for example – so avoid hiring the types of sales people with whom we don’t feel comfortable doing business. Maybe someone you are interviewing comes off pushy, overly confident in themselves, or the money symbols in their eyes take the place of their pupils causing them to be oblivious to the lack of truth in their speech. As consumers, it’s not hard to recognize honest and genuine sales people who believe in the value of their products; those who want to help improve an aspect of the consumer’s lives.

When you see a good sales person at work, let them know! Make conversation with them, ask them how they got involved in the business they are currently in – see if you can find out a little bit about them. If they’re happy to talk, you could engage them further, finding out if they are happy in their line of work or if they would be open to exploring other possibilities. If you are genuine and honest in your chats with people, there’s a good chance you could end up talking more formerly about opportunities in your business – that you’re looking for a sales person with similar attributes.

You will be surprised at how many sales people are willing to chat and how many business cards you will end up leaving. Be aware, of course, that you should keep the conversation short and succinct so that you don’t intrude on their day or show any disrespect. If you’re bright and conscientious enough to run a small and thriving business, this won’t be a problem.

Word of mouth
Word of mouth is a popular way of getting good team players, as well as customers and clients in every business sector. You can mention you are looking for a strong sales-person to your bankers, vendors and other customers. Most likely, they will be aware that when they are helping you find a good associate, they will be ultimately helping themselves.

Lastly, use ads
I say lastly because it’s less reliable than a good reputation and word of mouth, and, it’s more work to go through the stages of interviewing without some idea of what you’re getting involved in. None-the-less, with some discernment and elbow grease, you can find a good candidate. Be sure to word your ad carefully, and be specific in your line of work so that you don’t get a bunch of people who are lining up to sell Pampered Chef or encyclopedias. Also, take the time to screen them by phone first, then if qualified, have them in to present themselves. Ask them a lot of questions – don’t do all the talking – do very little. You can find out a lot from a person from listening well to their needs, expectations and energetic levels.

Those are just a few ideas but are well tried and tested. We’ve included a video to give some more information and tips on specific qualities to be on the look out: