2 Types of Digital Ads You Haven’t Tried But Thought Were Garbage

Have you considered Outbrain, Reddit or even Taboola? Chances are, you probably have not.

These days, it would seem that almost everyone who is running an ad campaign for their business is using something like Google Adwords or another similar service. A lot of business owners are also using Facebook ads, which is another useful but also somewhat tricky type of online ad. Obviously, these ad networks are good at producing results; if they were not, then nobody would be using them anymore, and they have been around for years now. However, they are not the only digital ad networks that are available.

Below, you will find two useful types of digital advertisements that have a huge impact but are still a small market. Giving these some consideration is something you will want to be doing, as they can be cheaper and can reach a larger audience when compared to traditional Facebook or Google ads.

1. Reddit Ads!?
The first add service that we will take a look at in this article is Reddit. Reddit is particularly useful in the advertisement industry because it has a conversation platform that allows different people that have similar interests to not only find each other but also to find each other’s ads.

Reddit is a bottomless hole of the internet, renowned for its bizarre political movements, memes, stories, gifs, and all sorts of forums such as anime or sports, and anything in between.

Currently contained within Reddit’s forum vaults are over 50,000 different communities (as of the summer of 2017) which mean that anyone who is looking to sell almost anything-anything has an audience that they can not only target but target quickly thanks to its impressive advertisement platform and meticulously categorized sub-communities.

Moreover, Reddit ads are very cheap. You can start your very own campaign for just $5 per day, and you can cancel it whenever you wish to. Even though Facebook ads are cheap, Reddit ads are even cheaper and give you a way to recycle some budget, just like Waste Focus services in Worcester, with a geo-targeted campaign that was as cheap as possible on any of the major social media platforms.

Setting up a Reddit account can be done in only a couple of minutes tops. Plus, they are so secure that they are nearly entirely foolproof! All you need to then is to sign up for your share account and copy your images, write your headline/text and set your set budget.

After a couple of days or even a week, you can cancel it if you feel that it is not generating the right amount of conversions and results that you wished for.

2. Sponsored Blog Posts!
If you are already paying for ads on any service (or multiple services), it might be a good option to consider expanding your ad plan to more ‘homegrown’ services, such as sponsored blog posts. You can also create your own if you wish, as that would certainly be a good idea, but it might take a lot longer than you think to get it properly up and running after having created the website and its respective content, even if you use SEO services.

Here is a solid example of sponsored blog posts being used to build and scale revenue as a form of ads; Vanna Belt, which is a fitness and supplement company, consistently uses sponsored blog posts to and purchases slots on them to advertise their services and products on various fitness and health websites.

This allows Vanna Belt to promote specifically to their direct audience instead of to a sweeping generalization of random people that Facebook will point their ads towards. I mean, if you are going to fitness or health blog to read up on supplements, then most likely you are looking to purchase some.

This form of ads significantly helps the company to sell their product without ineffective ads and PPC (pay-per-click) ads. PPC ads cost a good deal more and are also less efficient and convert less.

All of the unorthodox (digital) ad types here are relatively easy to get into, but they take some management and preparation, and probably a little faith as well. Aside from those (semi)negative attributes, you can still do fairly well with these ads. The only thing that is limiting yourself and holding you back from doing this is yourself, so get to it!